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Friday 24th April 2020
Spring Term


Athlete Fit is an exciting new concept aimed at encouraging pre-school youngsters to take up fun athletics as part of an active lifestyle choice. Based on encouraging movement skill by way of running, jumping and throwing the 45 minute sessions will help youngsters master the basic skills which are the building blocks of all athletic activity.

Featuring lots of fun and games the sessions will be structured to provide the children with a physical work out, the opportunity to learn social skills, follow instructions and to interact with others as part of a team including learning the Athlete Fit song. Athlete Fit’s philosophy actively encourages parents and carers to get involved in these activities which in turn leads to the children having more confidence and sense of achievement.

Becky Heald from Chingford says…..

“I had been looking for a new class to take my son to and was delighted when I found athletots. My boy has lots and lots of energy so it is great to see him using it up round the mini athletics circuit and when doing the fun activities thought up by Coach Jane and her lovely team. I can’t recommend this class more!”

Lovely feedback from Molly’s mum. Thank you Liz Hall.

Tiny Athlete Tots is such a great class. My 2 year old has just finished her first 6 week course and enjoyed every minute of it. Not only is she now able to jump with both feet she is also learning her colours and numbers during the sessions. Looking forward to starting back in September. Well done Jane, it’s fantastic!

From Louis and Poppy’s mum

Had Athlete Fit come over to Trottiscliffe, Kent today for a session with 8 of our kids. What a fantastic concept. There’s nothing like this around here. Running, jumping, throwing, balancing. The kids were so well behaved and followed some complicated instructions. Lots of fun and exercise. Such a shame Coach Jane is based in Chingford! Would be lovely to have something so active for our kids over here on a more regular basis. I feel a franchise might be needed. Thanks Coach Jane xxx

From Nicki, mum to Oscar

My son started at 2yrs old (3.5 now) and has loved Athlete Fit. Coach Jane, along with Coaches Tariq, Channon and Angela, make the Run, Jump, Throw sessions exceptionally fun and structured in a way that the children can never be bored, and they learn teamwork from early on. They even understand a toddler’s odd obsessions, such as having to sit on the green circle and be in the green team 🤦‍♀️. My son is now well coordinated, with great balance. He can run with a great style, and has a fine arm, particularly when throwing water bombs! I would wholeheartedly recommend Athlete Fit to anyone.

From Felix’s Nanna

My grandson Felix has had so much fun at Athlete fit . He has gained confidence and developed a range of  physical skills and thoroughly enjoyed every weekly session. The coaches do a brilliant job!  Thank you.

Lovely feedback from Dame Joan McVittie DBE, Nanna to Annie & Finlay, thank you!

My twin grandchildren joined Athlete Fit this year. They thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and really developed great skills in balance, running, throwing and working as part of a team. The staff are welcoming and highly skilled in teaching little people. They were patient even when our toddlers were impatient!

I was a trustee of the Youth Sports Trust for 6 years. I know that the skills and knowledge Annie and Finlay developed during these sessions will give them a strong foundation for school and a healthy life-style.

I can highly recommend Athlete Fit. It is excellent value for money and great fun.

All About Athlete Fit

I’m Jane Farrier and I am the founder of Athlete Fit which is a unique running, jumping, throwing concept designed for toddlers and pre-school children.

I have been involved in athletics for over 20 years including completing 2 London Marathons and having the honour of carrying the Olympic Torch into Waltham Forest. I am a mother of three and now also a proud grandmother.

Jane Farrier

For the past 15 years I have been working exclusively with young athletes in both a coaching and management role. I am the manager of Orion Juniors cross country and athletics club which has over 400 members between the ages of 8 and 20.

During this period I have had the pleasure to coach numerous county champions, coach athletes that represented England and received an award from England Athletics for being the National Development Coach of the Year 2009. I am a UKA Level 2 Athletics Coach and am on the National Coaching Programme for Youth Development. I also coach regularly in local schools. My coaching methods follow the 365 Athletics Programme and the Elevating Athletics Resource which are the approved England Athletics resources. I believe passionately that children of all backgrounds and abilities should be encouraged to participate in sport and have always encouraged this participation above all else.

The governing bodies for athletics in the UK encourage participation in athletics from the under 11 age group which means that 8 years old is the earliest age at which youngsters are able to take part. In my years of being involved with young athletes and coaching children from 5 years old in schools it has become obvious to me that children much younger than 8 years old have the desire and the ability to take part in certain athletic activities. It was with this experience in mind that the idea for Athlete Fit was formed. Athlete Fit sessions will be the starting point for toddlers and upwards to begin to enjoy running, jumping and throwing with their parents or carers as part of a fun but structured environment.

I am incredibly excited by the Athlete Fit concept and know that it has the potential to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle and to lay the foundation for youngsters to enjoy athletic activity throughout their childhood and beyond!

Sessions & Bookings

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If you are having difficulties booking your child on to a session please email me on janefarrier@athletefit.co.uk with your child’s name and the dates you would like to book.

Friday Venue
All Saints Church Hall
Inmans Row
Woodford Green

Saturday Venue
The Woodside School
(next to the Library)
E17 3JU


Venue: All Saints Church Hall, Inmans Row, Woodford Green, IG8 0NH

Prices for a 4 week block: £30.00 / Sibling £26.00
Prices for a 5 week block: £37.50 / Sibling £32.50
Prices for a 6 week block: £45 / Sibling £40

Drop in session: £9.00 per session (Must be booked in advance)

Coronavirus Statement:

Following the restrictions put in place by the UK Government, Athlete Fit have suspended all of our sessions until further notice. 

We will continue to review the situation in line with Government, Public Health and England Athletics guidance.

Spring Course – Starts 24th April to 22nd May (4 weeks)

 Tiny Athletots –  9:30 am to 10:15 am

Toddlers from 24 months to 36 months (2 years to 3 years)

Athletots –  10:30 am to 11:15 am

Sessions are for pre-school children from the age of 3 years old.


Athlete Fit are delighted to tell you that our Coach Channon has been given a full time coaching role within a Primary School delivering fun athletics to more children!

We are sad as she will be missing all our regular athletic sessions that we deliver but happy to share that Channon will still be available for birthday parties and other occasions.

Unfortunately this does mean for the moment we are unable to deliver our Saturday morning athletic sessions. We are sorry as we know how much the children were looking forward to this restarting.

Please contact info@athletefit.co.uk for more information or to register your interest.
These sessions will be subject to demand.


The Athlete Fit Concept is designed to introduce toddlers and pre-school children to athletic activities in a safe, structured and fun environment supervised by approved Athlete Fit coaches working within manageable group sizes.




The sessions are based around running, jumping and throwing and are specifically designed to encourage motor skills, co-ordination, flexibility and agility in a manner that will be inclusive, understandable, fun and age group specific with groups attending separate sessions for toddlers and older pre-school children. Children will be encouraged to progress from basic to more complex movements which will be assessed on a regular basis.

Learning the Athlete Fit song, following instruction and managing their own activity time will enable our Tiny Athletots and Athletots to develop their own skills as part of a social group which will increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Athlete Fit actively encourages parental/carer participation which encourages the youngsters to get involved and increases the confidence and feel good factor which is crucial in ensuring that children of this age are fully involved in the sessions they participate in.

Whilst fun is the key in relation to youngsters attention spans, Athlete Fit sessions will be structured to provide building blocks to a healthy, active lifestyle and will give these young athletes the basics they need to develop their skills further in any athletic sporting activities or even as an early routine for achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Athlete Fit in schools

Athlete Fit can provide sessions within schools for children in the Early Years phase. The sessions are for 45 minutes and are delivered by Athlete Fit coaches who are fully insured, DBS checked and accredited by UKA. The sessions are designed to encourage learning and development in the early years. Each child is assessed on their entry level and then their individual progress is tracked allowing our coaches to plan and deliver a bespoke programme that targets specific needs.

The sessions comprise the following elements;

  1. Welcome song and warm up in a circle
  2. Children move independently around the Athlete Fit circuit (activity time) . All equipment is provided by Athlete Fit.
  3. Skill time – each week we focus on a particular skill. The skill will be based around running, jumping or throwing.
  4. Back to the circle for the goodbye song

The children will be developing a range of athletic skills whilst learning their colours, numbers, following simple instructions, waiting their turn, working as a team and independently, gaining space awareness and learning the athlete fit welcome and good bye song. The Athlete Fit sessions are part of cross-curricular teaching and learning and compliment the Characteristics of Effective Learning and positively address the following areas in all ages;

  • Communication & Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • Expressive Arts & Design
  • Being Imaginative

In the Physical Development area the 24-36 months age group  are generally attaining the standards set for the older age group.

Athlete Fit also assess the Well-Being and Involvement of children using the Leuven Scales and in conjunction with school staff.

The equipment that Athlete Fit uses is bright, engaging and age specific.

These sessions can be delivered in the morning or afternoon and pre and after school which will cater for those children attending morning or afternoon nursery and primary school pupils . The sessions are demonstrative and have been proven to engage all children and those children for whom English is not their first language are able to take part on an equitable basis. The sessions are all inclusive and adaptable to children of all abilities.

In one example Athlete Fit delivers six sessions for a school nursery, three morning and three afternoon. Each session has 10 children and one nursery assistant as well as the coach. The sessions are delivered in the school hall. The feedback from the teachers is very positive and the reception teachers are asking for Athlete Fit to deliver to their classes.  We have found that the children retain the session structure after only two weeks and by the end of the first course move confidently around the athletic circuit and react to and carry out instructions proficiently. We have seen a huge increase in confidence and the children’s  ability to play and take turns has improved immensely.

The price per session which is available on request allows for all equipment, insurance, public liability and licencing for a maximum of 10 children. The school will need to provide a hall and allow for 15  minutes prior to and after the sessions for setting up and packing away. Music will be played throughout the 45 minutes of the active sessions.

This is a brief overview of what Athlete Fit are able to offer, please contact us to discuss specific arrangements for your school or nursery.

Please contact: janefarrier@athletefit.co.uk

Athlete Fit parties

Athlete Fit can deliver parties for children aged 3 to 9. Athlete Fit will design sessions that ensure the children will have fun and enjoy the participation.

Athlete Fit are happy to design a party to suit your requirements, however we hope the following will give you an example of what we can offer.

An athlete fit coach and an assistant will set up an athlete fit obstacle course and deliver an hour’s athlete fit session- this will include running, jumping and throwing activities, however we can taylor the package to your requirements. But below is what we offer. We need at least 30 minutes to set up our athletics obstacle course and between 15/20 min pack away. The obstacle course size depends on the size of the area that is supplied.

  1. Welcome song & warm up – 5 mins
  2. Children move freely around the obstacle course for – 10 min
  3. A throwing event such as the mini vortex howler or a target throw – 10 min
  4. Races – sprint/egg & spoon/sack race – 10 min
  5. Children move freely around the obstacle course for – 5/10 min
  6. Team relay races – bean bag collect and/or sprint with batons – 10 min
  7. Good bye song and cool down   – 5 min
  8. An athlete fit gold medal and balloon for all children
  9. This will also include an Athlete Fit electronic party invite.

Prices on request. Please note a hall or suitable space must be provided by the organiser.


News & Social


1908, 2015

What a fantastic concept…….

Had Athlete Fit come over to Trottiscliffe, Kent today for a session with 8 of our kids. What a fantastic concept. There's nothing like this around here. Running, jumping, throwing, balancing. The kids were so [...]

1908, 2015

Tiny Athletots is such a great class….

Lovely feedback from Molly's mum. Thank you Liz Hall. Tiny Athletots is such a great class. My 21 month year old has just finished her first 6 week course and enjoyed every minute of it. [...]

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New for the Autumn term 2015 is the after school club for reception and year 1's. These are our Athlekids and the sessions will run from 3:45pm until 4:30pm. This is a new class that [...]

1307, 2015

Autumn term dates 2015

The Autumn term will start on Friday 11th September and run for 6 weeks until October 16th. Athlete Fit will be introducing an after school club for Athlekids, reception and year 1's, this term. The [...]


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